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Lake Travis Area Weekend Roundup: July 31st – August 2nd

LTL Weekend July 31 2015

It’s hard to believe that July is coming to an end. Summer is more than halfway through and the kids will be back at school soon. That means it’s time to get back in the swing of the school year — waking up early, packing lunches, doing homework, school drop-off and pickup … and school traffic — yikes!

But you don’t have to start practicing your school driving maneuvers just yet. And the kids don’t have to practice waking up early … maybe next week. There are still ways to enjoy the final few weeks (and weekends) of summer. Squeeze in one more vacation down on the Texas Gulf Coast, escape the heat with a road trip to the mountains, or explore a few of the Lake Travis area swimming spots you haven’t made it out to yet.

What ever happened to that giant water slide that was supposed to be coming to Austin? Maybe next summer.

Here is your Lake Travis area weekend roundup filled with places to go and people to see. As always, thank you for supporting our local businesses, events and live music scene — Live Local!

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Lake Travis Local: Meet Whitney Hengstebeck with A Place To Start

Whitney HengstebeckIt’s easy to accumulate stuff. You find the places in your home where you store it until you can get to it later … but getting to it later never seems to come. It could be the garage, attic or an extra bedroom.

Sometimes it’s just the everyday spaces that get out of control — home offices, the kitchen pantry, master closets, the game room, your daughters bedroom.

Life is busy and without a system to keep it simple to keep organized, the stack of stuff that gets piled up can turn into an unorganized mess that leaves you feeling paralyzed. If you’re looking to get organized (and stay organized), you’ll be happy to meet Lake Travis local Whitney Hengstebeck.

Whitney’s company, A Place To Start, can help you get started with an organizing system for your home, office or business.

Lake Travis Lifestyle caught up with Whitney for some Q&A to find out more about her, her company, and what she loves about life in the Lake Travis area.

Lake Travis friends, meet Whitney Hengstebeck:

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Lake Travis Area Parks Guide: Reimers Ranch Park

Reimer Ranch Perdenales River

This old ranch is a classic Lake Travis area getaway for mountain biking, hiking, climbing, swimming, and fishing.

Reimers Ranch Park is a combination of pristine parkland, open space and reserve land in western Travis County with almost three miles of continuous frontage along the Pedernales River. With over 2400 acres, it’s almost twice as big as Pace Bend Park and the largest park in Travis County.

Before this land was acquired by Travis County back in 2005, it was owned by Milton and Joy Reimers. The ranch was a popular hunting and rock climbing destination. Travis County Parks has done a really nice job renovating the facilities at the park. There are now flush toilets and covered picnic areas at the climbers trailhead as well as more extensive restroom facilities and outdoor showers at the mountain bike trailhead.

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Lake Travis Area Weekend Roundup: July 24th – July 26th

The summer is in full swing and our gorgeous lake has never looked better!

The view from places like The Reserve at Lake Travis and Sail and Ski Yacht Club have Lake Travis-ites grinning from ear-to-ear. We love seeing our fellow LTL readers posting fun summer pics on Twitter and Instagram too. Make sure you tag and us and we’ll happily share them! (@laketravislifestyle)

In addition to finding your happy place on Lake Travis, there are lots of fun things you can do that don’t require a boat like enjoying a round of golf at one of LT’s prestigious golf courses or picking that perfect watermelon for the perfect picnic at Lone Star Farmer’s Market – open every Sunday!

If you need a retreat in the A/C, there are new businesses you can check out that have recently opened their doors.

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FIND is Breathing New Life Into Antique Furnishings in Lake Travis

FIND just celebrated its soft opening last weekend, but the Texas Hill Country is already buzzing about this new store. Why? Well, it’s an eclectic mix of traditional antiques and reupholstered, modernized antiques, as well as decor with a vintage feel and replicas with a wow factor.

“It’s the ultimate in recycling,” explains co-owner Kim Neal. “I love antique furnishings and decor because they have their own history and stories to tell. At FIND, we’re just giving these things a new life with a new look!”

Kim attributes her love of antiques and vintage finds to her father who is an antique dealer. “It’s in my DNA!” she laughs. Kim has lived in the Lake Travis area for 15 years and all three of her kiddos are graduates of LTHS! “LT is my home,” she smiles. “I love the attitude, the resort lifestyle, the beauty and the people. We have everything at our fingertips!”

When Kim Neal met fellow LT resident and antique aficionado Brent Charlet, owner of Adorn Boutique in Lakeway, the entrepreneurial duo realized they had a lot in common.

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Get Your In-Season Foodie Fix at Lone Star Farmer’s Market

The summer heat has finally landed in Lake Travis with temperatures hovering around 99 degrees these days. But the good news is, lots of delicious fruits and veggies are still in season, so if you’re getting tired of grilling hotdogs, check out some of the foods from Lone Star Farmer’s Market at Bee Cave located at Shops at the Galleria.

Your inner foodie will thank you.

Have you ever wondered what “in season” actually means when it comes to fruits and vegetables? Well, in-season foods are more likely to be at their nutritional peak, chock full of the good stuff your body needs for optimum health.

Based on where you live and the current time of the year, certain foods are traditionally harvested and more readily available nearby. Some people believe that in-season foods are exactly what your body needs at that time of the year.

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Lake Travis Area Weekend Roundup: July 17th – July 19th

LTL Weekend July 17 2015

It’s officially HOT!

The Texas summer arrived this week and now it’s a good time to find your places to escape the heat. We had a nice break while it lasted, but it’s looking like the Lake Travis area is going to be in a high pressure hot-zone for a while.

Maybe that is why everybody decided to get out of town.

The Fourth of July weekend is the start of summer travel for many and that sure seems to be true. You may have noticed that your Facebook feed is filled with friends and family taking pictures of summer vacations from all over the globe — from the Texas beaches to Italy!

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5 Reasons to Retire on Lake Travis

Lake Travis 06102015

It’s no secret that the Lake Travis area is exploding with growth lately.

We have the future development of The Oaks at Lakeway, promising some of the finest in entertainment, shopping and dining, all in one place. North on 620 and all along Highway 71, many neighborhoods are still growing and developing, along with businesses to serve Lake Travis area residents.

With more and more people moving to Lake Travis and the Texas Hill Country, it’s tempting to get a taste of what everyone is drinking when they visit the glittering shores of the highland lake.

And it’s not just families making their way out here; just as many people are choosing to retire on Lake Travis and make it their permanent abode on the water. We get to see and enjoy some of the best living around, so we have a pretty good idea of why people would want to get here as fast as they can.

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Lake Travis Lifestyle July Giveaway: Lone Star Yard Greetings

Lone Star Yard Greeting LTHS

There isn’t a month that goes by without something to celebrate.

Someone in your family is celebrating a birthday or anniversary, graduating, leaving for college, starting their first day of school! Your neighbor is having a baby or a new neighbor needs a friendly welcome to the neighborhood.

For all of these special occasions and any type of celebration that you can imagine … there’s a fun way to make them even more special — a custom yard greeting! And today we would like to introduce you to a local Lake Travis area business that can help you celebrate that next special occasion.

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Lake Travis Area Weekend Roundup: July 10th – July 12th

LTL Weekend July 10 2015

Too bad every weekend can’t be a 3-day weekend.

Spend all day on the lake.

Watch the sun go down.

And when it gets dark, the night sky above you is filled with spectacular fireworks.

It’s going to be hard to beat the 4th of July weekend we just experienced … but it’s a new weekend! And it’s hard to find reasons to complain about the amazing summer we are having. Let’s hope those triple digits don’t show up anytime soon (and let’s hope I didn’t jinx it by saying that).

Get out there and enjoy the lake, the live music, the hill country — and this beautiful place we call home.

Here is your Lake Travis area weekend roundup filled with places to go and people to see. As always, thank you for supporting our local businesses, events and live music scene — Live Local!

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