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Lake Travis Area Weekend Roundup: May 29th – May 31st

LTL Weekend 052915

The forecast for the weekend is more of what we’ve had for the past month. More rain passed through last night and Lake Travis reached 660 feet as of 7:00am — a few more feet and Sometimes Island will disappear.

With more than 30 feet of water in the past 30 days, Lake Travis is 21 feet away from reaching full pool at 681 feet. The water levels of Lake Travis are at their highest since 2011 … but still 12 feet below the average for this time of year.

We are excited to see the water level of Lake Travis on the rise after so many dry years. But unfortunately the cycle of the Highland Lakes is one of drought and deluge. Our hearts go out to all who have been affected by the devastating floods in Central Texas.

We encourage you to take some time this weekend to donate or volunteer as flood relief efforts continue. Here is a list of organizations where you can volunteer and help Central Texas flood victims.

We also encourage you to get out this weekend and support our local businesses, events and live music scene. Here is your weekend roundup for Lake Travis:

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The Boardroom: A Salon for the Men (and future men) of Lake Travis

The Boardroom Salon for Men

Editor’s Note: My first experience at The Boardroom was comped. It was so enjoyable that I continue to go … and the place that I had been going to for nearly ten years hasn’t called wondering why I haven’t shown up in a while. 

Gentlemen. Have you been getting your haircut at a salon designed for ladies? Or the Super-Duper-Cuts that has you wondering what new style you’re going to walk out with today?

Last time you made sure to bring your baseball cap so you could quickly cover up your new do. The time before that you walked out looking like Lloyd Christmas.

Gentlemen — it’s time to get your haircut at a manly place … and enjoy the ultimate relaxed grooming experience while you’re at it.

Ladies — Father’s Day (June 21) is right around the corner if you’re looking for that place to send your man away for a couple hours. You’ll get him back cleaned up, relaxed and feeling like a man again (bonus for you).

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30 Fun Things To Do This Summer in the Lake Travis Area


We live local. We summertime local. There’s no need to travel too far out of our comfy Lake Travis “bubble” to find plenty of fun things to do right in your own backyard.

Have you soaked in the lake view with an award-winning brew at Texas Oasis Brewing Company? Want to learn how to install a faucet? Need to brush up on your Two Step? How about a tasty slice of pizza heaven at Pieous? Want to know where you can catch free movies? Searching for the perfect lemonade recipe?

Well, today we’ve got your Summer Fun Roundup. Here are 30 fun things to do this summer in LT.

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Hudson’s on the Bend: Celebrating 30 Years in Lake Travis

Hudson's on the Bend

One of the best things about living in the Lake Travis area is the food — there are plenty of great spots to book for a weekend date or a weekday meet up with friends. And when you’re in the mood for a more exotic meal, perhaps featuring expertly prepared wild game and a bottle of red wine, there’s one place you have to visit.

Welcome to Hudson’s on the Bend, one of the most renowned restaurants in the Lake Travis area. From steak to elk, from quail to scallops — there is never a dull moment for your taste buds.

Hudson’s on the Bend might be unassuming from the outside, but all of the action is taking place deep within these rock walls in the kitchen. Nestled in a beautifully restored lake house on 620 at Hudson Bend, this restaurant blends the best in lake life and Texas cooking, one dish at a time.

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Lake Travis Area Weekend Roundup: May 22nd – May 25th

LTL Memorial Day Weekend 2015

It’s starting to look and feel like we’re living in Seattle in the Lake Travis area.

But don’t let El Niño get you down! All this rain — and finally some heavy rain in the right spot — has brought the water level of Lake Travis up almost 5 feet in the past week and a total of 11 feet this year.

We have two public boats ramps on Lake Travis open for Memorial Day weekend — you just might have to go boating in the rain!

The big event on Friday night is the Spring Jamboree Scrimmage at Lake Travis High School. The rest of this 3-day weekend is filled with plenty of live music and events that celebrate Memorial Day — the official start of summer!

Rain or shine, enjoy your Memorial Day weekend in and around the Lake Travis area. More importantly, let’s take some time this weekend to remember, respect and be thankful for all of those who died serving our nation while in the military service.

Here’s your weekend roundup:

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Lake Travis Area Park Guide: Mansfield Dam Park

Mansfield Dam Park

Mansfield Dam is one of the more popular parks in the Lake Travis area. Because of its location on the main body of Lake Travis, it serves as one of the primary access points for those of you who enjoy rolling your boat into the water every now then.

But the ability to launch your boat on Lake Travis has been limited to only a few options. For the past several years, the public boat ramp at Mansfield Dam has not been one of them.

A pattern of consistent rain in the Lake Travis area has brought the lake up to just above 634 feet — a water level we haven’t seen in nearly three years!

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Hands-Free Driving in the Lake Travis Area: What You Need to Know

Hands Free Driving in Lake Travis

It was big news when Austin passed strict hands-free traffic laws in August 2014 and enforcement began on January 1, 2015 (after a generous warning period). Well, the same ordinance was passed in Bee Cave on April 2 and in Lakeway on April 20. Warnings are being issued now, but as of July 1, violators will get citations.

Before the warning period in Lakeway and Bee Cave ends, we decided to delve into the specifics of what hands-free driving really means.

Buckle up, LT. You may be in for a few surprises.

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Lake Travis High School: Spring Jamboree Scrimmage & Sporting News

Lake Travis Football

Are you ready for some football?

This Friday, Lake Travis High School is gearing up for the fall season with their annual Spring Jamboree Scrimmage on Friday, May 22. It’s a great opportunity for family, friends and students to celebrate our 5-time state championship program with a sneak peek at what’s in store for the 2015 season.

While the first regular season home game isn’t until September 4, Director of Athletics and Head Football Coach Hank Carter is ready:

“2015 is going to be a great year for the Lake Travis football program. We are excited about the future and have a ton of talented players in the system right now.”

Speaking of talent, before we share more details about the Spring Jam, let’s talk about the rest of the LTHS teams that are shining bright as the school year comes to a close.

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Groovers’ Paradise at the Oasis: A Vinyl Resurgence on Lake Travis

Grab an LP at the Oasis

It’s no secret that Austin is the Live Music Capital of the World.

Since 1991 it was established that Austin, Texas has more music venues per capita than anywhere else in the nation. Even more music-themed events are held here including South by Southwest, Austin City Limits Music Festival, Fun Fun Fun Fest and Psych Fest, to name a few.

Needless to say, this town loves its music.

So many audiophiles live in and around Austin that even the vinyl resurgence has made an appearance here. To see the evidence, look squarely at the numerous up-and-coming record shops that have made Austin home. Just when it seemed like analog music was going to disappear forever in the wake of digital technology, a community of collectors and records sellers sprang up to the vinyl challenge.

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Lake Travis Area Weekend Roundup: May 15th – May 17th

We know this rainy weather has got some of you feeling blue, tweeting out, “What is this!? Seattle?” But the good news is all of our lakes are filling up just in time for summer fun.

The rest of May is a busy and exciting month with college graduation right around the corner, LTYA baseball playoffs in full swing and the last day of school quickly approaching. Making summer plans for the kiddos is easy with our 2-part Summer Camp Series where we cover Art, Dance & Theater and Science, Hobbies & Sports in the Lake Travis area.

This weekend is buzzing with events like the Grand Opening of The Grove at Steiner Ranch Community, a Fine Arts Show in Lakeway and live music throughout the Hill Country. You can get crafty with local artisans at the Renegade Craft Fair or celebrate Craft Beer Week with a cold brew. Mmm, beer.

Whatever you decide to do, pack an umbrella and have a great weekend!

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