Lonestar Soccer Club: Get Ready for Spring Soccer!

Lonestar Soccer

Submitted for our Just For Kids section by 7 year old Lake Travis area local, Tanner Hower.

Oh hello, I’m Tanner. Today I’m writing about Lonestar Soccer Club. It’s a great soccer club to go to when you move up from Neighborhood Sports. When your 10 or older you go to Select. Any age younger, you go to Acedamey.

The diffrence between Neighborhood Sports and Lonestar is Lonestar is 7 or older all boys or all girls. Neighborhood is any age all boys or girls. Another diffrence is Neighborhood has 3 players at a time. Lonestar has 6 and 9 players. The third diffrence is Neighborhood is no golies. Lonestar there are golies.

In the summer there is a summer camp for Lonestar. They teach you soccer for the next season. The closest soccer season to now is the spring season. And for me that will be my second season. My fall season team was Philipians. And my practice days were Monday and Wensday. But those where only my practice days. Practice is two days a week by the way.

Also when the fields are to wet, you go to a big phacility called Soccer Zone. When you practice there’s diffrent little soccer stations. Some have shooting, passing, and dribbling stations.

Well, that’s all I have for now. If you would like to be a soccer player join Lonestar!

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  1. Tre's, Skyler and Montana's mom says

    Hello Tanner we are relocating from New Jersey and my children love soccer. We are looking for a soccer team, for fall 2014 are they still having try outs . Thanks for your post

    • Todd Hower says

      Hi! Lone Star Soccer is having tryouts for Select Teams throughout May. What age are your soccer players? Contact me using the contact form on this site or directly at todd@laketravislifestyle.com and I can give you more information. Thanks! –Tanner’s Dad

      • Tre says

        Hi tanner I’m tre’im 9 years old , I play travel soccer in nj my mom said Texas has really good soccer I can’t await to get there. Have you ever been to New York ? Do you have any animals out in Texas we can’t wait to get there my little brother wants a long horn…. Lol
        Gotta go to bed we have state testing this week, talk to you soon


        • Tanner Hower says

          Hi Tre’ No, I have not been to New York and I would like to go there. We have two dogs. And yes, Texas does have some pretty good soccer. Good luck with your testing.

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